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Please read the terms &conditionscarefully because, to access, download, install and use the service of AirTrack you need to accept these terms &conditions if you don’t agree with these terms &conditions you can’t use AirTrack.

Last updated October 26, 2016

Welcome to AirTrack!

These AirTrack terms &conditions explain the relation between AirTrack and you when you

  1. Access and use AirTrack and its related domains
  2. Download, install, try and purchase AirTrack‘s email tracking applications (with all associated documentation, updates, and promotions) and any other services offered

These terms &conditionsdirect visitors’ the use of the public areas of the site, along with the access to and use of the email trackingservices.For the purposes of these terms &conditions, refers to you as a visitor to or registered user of theemail trackingservices.

These terms &conditions, along with privacy policy, form a contract between you and AirTrack. By using theemail trackingservices, you signify to us that you are lawfullycapableof entering into this agreement.

If you are using ouremail tracking services on the place of your company, your acceptance of these terms &conditionsconsidered an agreement between your company and AirTrack and you represent and permit that you have authority to bind your company to these terms &conditions.

License allowance:

Our email tracking services are owned by AirTrack and are licensed, not sold, to you. With respect to your payment of all applicable fees, AirTrack allows to you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to access and use the site and to access, download, install and use our email trackingservices subject to the limits set out in these terms &conditions, any relevant purchase or document associatedwithour email trackingservices and all other terms &conditionsand policies set out in our email trackingservices. You accepted that the source code for our email trackingservices and other trade secrets personified in our email trackingserviceshaven’t been and will not be licensed revealed to you. All rights not specifically granted here are reserved by AirTrack.

Use of AirTrack:

User Registration: If you are visiting only the public areas of the site, it is necessary to get register to use the AirTrack. You agreed that you will always keep update your account information to confirm it is current, complete and correct and that we have the right to dismiss your account and use of our email trackingservice if you provide incorrect, incomplete or wrong information. User Responsibilities:You are responsible for providing the list of details and services that you want to access, download, installing and usingour email trackingservices.AirTrack does not guarantee that our email trackingservices are available on any specific device or with any specific software or service plan.

You are responsible for all actions that happenin your account, whether or not approved by you. Please do not share your account information with any other person.

You must at all times when using our email tracking services fulfill with AirTrack’s acceptable terms & conditions.

You will use our email trackingservices only for your inner business purposes and in harmony with applicable rules and regulations. You agreed with that, you will not use AirTrack for illegal purposes or to engage in any offensive, or objectionable conduct, including ruin of any third party privacy or other rights. You agree that you’ll not proceed withour email trackingservices if you are under the age of majority in your place of residence or else not fully able and capableof agreeing to these terms &conditions.

Excluding as specifically allowed in these terms &conditionsspecifically authorized in writing by AirTrack, you agree that you will not directly or indirectly:

  1. Allocate, sell, exchange, rent, sublicense, amend or time-share our email trackingservices
  2. Use any of the AirTrack in any service agency arrangement or on behalf of any third party
  3. Reproduce, familiarize, create copied works of, translate, restrict, port or otherwise modify any of the AirTrack
  4. Permit any third party to involve in any of the acts defined in clauses (I) through (III).

You are not allowedtoeliminate or amend any copyright or other brand rights’ notice or obstructive rights legend measured or engaged in any of our email trackingservices; decompile, reverse compile, reverse assemble, reverse interpret any of our email trackingservices; use any resources to determine the source code of the AirTrack or to discover the secrets in our email trackingservices; or otherwise bypass any functionality that controls access to or thendefendsour email trackingservices.

You are responsible for obeying all laws, rules, and regulations that apply to your use of our email trackingservices.

AirTrack responsibilities:

AirTrack is answerable for providing our email trackingservices in agreement with these terms &conditionsand all relatedrules, and regulations.

We will maintain commercially administrative, physical and technical protections intended to defend the security, privacy, and integrity of information that you deliver to or through our email trackingservices.

AirTrack reserves the right but is not obligated to advance, enhance or modify our email trackingservices. We will update you in advance of changes to the AirTrack that may affect the way in which you use the AirTrack or the manner in which our email trackingservices execute.

AirTrack is not responsible for the content of other services or for losses, actual or pending claims, activities, damages, expenditures, costs of protection and sensible attorneys’ fees arising from your use of content, info, websites, software, facilities and other resources of third parties with which you may interact when you use our email tracking services. You access other services completely at your own risk and you are answerable for fulfilling with terms &conditionsandconditionsrelated to your access and use of other services.


We use commercially logical efforts to make our email trackingservices available to you 24/7, without scheduled maintenance time, inaccessibility caused by you or any software, hardware or service not provided by us, emergency care and any cause outside our reasonable control (including nature disasters, wars, terrorist act, civil instabilities, acts of any government or activity thereof, strikes or other labor problems, internet service or other third party service providers’ letdowns or postponements and systemic electrical, communications or other utility outages or failures).


Our email tracking services are focused to reasonable limitations and other limitations, as stated within the AirTrack or the applicable order form.

User content

The AirTrack allow the user to upload, convey and use information and other content to and through our email trackingservices. You are only responsible for the correctness, quality, validity and resources by which you attained your content. You know that AirTrack will use your content to provide email trackingservices to you. You have or will obtain all rights essential to provide your content to AirTrack and you hereby allow AirTrack a worldwide license to use, replicate, convey, display and adapt your content as essential for AirTrack to provide email tracking services to you in harmony with these terms &conditions.

Without limiting the terms &conditionsof our privacy policy, you know that we do not promise that your use of our email trackingservices or your content will be private or protected and we are not answerable or liable to you for any deficiency of privacy or security that you might experience. Information composed by your internet and other third parties is used, stored, transferred and revealed pursuant to your internet service provider’s or the third party’s terms &conditionsrules and practices.

We encourage you to sensibly consider revelation of any information that might be available to others. You are fully responsible for taking protections and providing security actions best suitable for your situation and planned use of the AirTrack.


You shall pay AirTrack for our email tracking services at the current charges as defined at www.airtrack01.com AirTrackkeeps the right to change the fee schedule upon thirty days advance notice to you.

AirTrack does not store, process or convey any of your credit card data but relies completely on third parties to handle these functions. You must fulfill with such third party’s terms &conditionsmadeaccessible to you. Payments outstanding for the AirTrack may be subject to the 2checkout services contract. If you do not agree to 2checkout’s terms &conditions, then please do not sign up for the AirTrack.

Your AirTrack email tracking will not be started until your first payment is received. Payments are due in agreement with the fee planyearly or monthly in advance. Yearly or monthly fees are instinctively charged to the credit card that you provided when you registered for the AirTrack. Extra fees will be charged to you on a pro-rata basis in the occasion that you enhance any additional licenses or upgrade youremail tracking service during anAirTracksubscription term. To cancel our email trackingservice, visit your my account page and hit the 'cancel subscription' link. We initiate to process cancellation requests instantly, but your credit card provider may needsome days to process your termination request. We are not responsible for delays affected by your credit card company.

If any payment outstanding AirTrack is composed at law or through an advocate at law or under instruction therefrom or through a collection agency, you agree to pay all charges of collection, without restriction, all court charges, and reasonable attorneys' fees.


We warranty that we have validly entered into these terms &conditionsand have the legal power to do so. You warranty that

(a) You have authentically entered into these terms &conditionsand have the legal authority to do so

(b) You have all essential rights, licenses, agreements and permissions to use your content with our email trackingservices.

Our email trackingis licensed.You bear all risk of using it. AirTrack , on behalf of itself, Microsoft, wireless carriers over whose systemour email trackingservices are distributed, and its and their ownassociates, sellers, agents, and suppliers, gives no direct warranties, guarantees, or conditionsbelow or in relative to the AirTrack. You may have extracustomer rights under your native laws which this agreement cannot change. To the extent allowed under your native laws, AirTrack and all suppliers eliminate any indirect warranties or conditions, including those of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose and non-infringement. AirTrack does not warrant that

  1. Our email trackingservices will meet your requirements,
  2. Process of the AirTrack will be continuous or virus/ error-free,
  3. The AirTrack will work or be well-matched with any other applications or any specific systems or devices,
  4. Flaws in the AirTrack will be modified
  5. The AirTrack will be available for reinstalls on the same or multiple devices.

Any verbal or written advice provided by AirTrack or its official agents will not be thought to create any warranty. Some authorities do not allow the elimination of indirect warranties so some or all of the above eliminations may not apply to you.

Liability Limitation:

AirTrack’s liability with respect to any single eventarising out of or associatedwith the delivery, usage or performance of our email trackingservices or these terms &conditionswill not surpass the amount paid by you hereunder in the one yearearlier the event; provided that in no event shall AirTrack’s collective liability arising out of or related to these terms &conditionssurpass the total amount paid by you hereunder. The previous limitation will not limit your payment requirements.

In no occasion will AirTrack be liable to you or any third party for indirect, special, incidental, significant and disciplinary damagesthough caused and under any theory of liability, whether under these terms &conditionsorthen arising in any way in connection with our email trackingservices or these terms &conditionsand whether in contract, strict liability or offence even if AirTrack has been recommended of the possibility of such damage. The previous disclaimer of susceptibility will not apply to the stagebanned by appropriate law. You agree not to pursue to recover any other damages, including significant, lost profits, special, indirect or related damages from any distributor.

You agree that the above restrictions of liability, together with the other necessitiesof these terms &conditionsthat limit liability, are vital terms & conditions of these terms & conditionsand that AirTrack would not be enthusiastic to allow you the rights set out in these terms &conditionsbut for your agreement to these limitations of liability.


The AirTrack content and other material are secure under copyright, trademark, and other laws. You admit and agree that AirTrack possesses all right, title and interest in and to the AirTrack and you agree not to take any actionunpredictable with such ownership benefits. You do not obtain any rights or licenses under any of AirTrack’s copyrights, patent requests, trade secrets, trademarks or other intellectual property rights on account of these terms &conditions. Any and all

  1. Suggestions for improvement, change and alteration to our email trackingservices, assessment data, appraisals and other feedback
  2. Enhancements, updates, or modifications, whether created or established by AirTrack or else relating to our email trackingservices, are and will remain the stuff of AirTrack.

You admit and specifically agree that any involvement of comment or reviews does not and will not give or allow you any right, title or attention in the AirTrack. All comment and reviews become the only and limited stuff of AirTrack and AirTrack may use and revealresponse and amendments in any way and for any purpose whatever without additional notice or reimbursement to you and without retention by you of any copyrighted or other right or claim. You hereby allocate to AirTrack any and all right, title and interest that you may have in and to any and all response and amendments. Upon request by AirTrack, you will perform any document, registration or filing compulsory to give theresult to the previous assignment. In addition ,AirTrack shall have the right to copy, use, allocate, and show any information, study, statistics and other data produced by the AirTrack, including compiling of gathered statistics about our email tracking services; provided, though, that AirTrack shall not openly reveal or allocate any such data except such data is in gathered form that would not permit a third party to recognize the data as relatedto you.


You agree to underwrite and protect AirTrack and its associates, directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all claims brought against AirTrack by any third party arising from your usage of the AirTrack or any defilement of these terms &conditions, the rights of a third party or appropriate law. Your indemnification responsibilities set out in this segment apply to any appropriate activities occupied under your account. AirTrack possesses the right, at its own expenditure, to undertake the exclusive protection and control of any substance subject to indemnification hereunder. In any occurrence, no settlement that disturbs the rights or responsibilities of AirTrack may be completed without AirTrack’s previous written endorsement.

Amendments to terms &conditions

We may amend these terms &conditionsat any time. Amendments become actualinstantly upon your first use of our email trackingservices afterward the “last revised” date at the top of this page. Your continual access or usage of our email trackingservices after the amendments become active is believed your definite acceptance of the amendedterms &conditions.


These terms &conditionswill automatically terminate when you fail to fulfill any term or condition of these terms &conditions. On termination, you will stop all use of our email trackingservices and willextinguish any copy of any and all parts of our email trackingservices in your ownership or control. Termination will not bound any of AirTrack’s other rights or remedies at law

Transfer laws

You agree that you will not transfer or retransfer, directly or indirectly, our email trackingservices or other info or resources provided by AirTrack, to any country.


You are only responsible for any and all duties, taxes, charges or fees obligatory on or in connection with these terms &conditionsorour email trackingservices by any specialist.


You agree that a breach of these terms & conditions will cause damage to AirTrack for which money compensations will not provide a satisfactory remedy and AirTrack will be allowed to seek reasonableassistance in addition to any remedies it might have hereunder or at law without a limit, other security or evidence of damages.


Excludingspecifically set out in these terms &conditions, these terms &conditionsmay not be amendedexcluding by a writing implemented by the accordingly official representatives of AirTrack. No other performance, document, or custom will be thought to amend these terms &conditions. These terms &conditionswillharden to the benefit of and will be compulsory upon all party’s successors and assigns. These terms &conditionsand the licenses allowedhereunder may be apportioned by AirTrack but you may not allow them without the previous written agreement of AirTrack. If any facilityhereof is or becomes, at any time or for any purpose, unenforceable or unacceptable, no other facilityhereof will be affected thus and the remaining requirements will remain the same effect as if such unenforceable or unacceptablerequirements will not have been implanted herein; provided that the attitude of either party to gainsignificantly the negotiatedfor performance of the other will not have thereby been compromised. If either party fails to achieve any term hereof and the other party does not apply such term, the failure to implementin any event will not establish a relinquishment of any term and will not avoidimplementation on any other event. Nothing controlled in these terms &conditionswill be thought to establish either party as the negotiator or representative of the other party or both parties as joint schemes or associates for any determination. The titles and captions limitedherein are for convenience. These terms &conditionsareruled by and construed and compulsory in agreement with the internal laws of the country. Any litigation by one party against the other arising under these terms &conditionsregarding any rights under these terms &conditionswill be originated and preserved in any state or federal court located in the country and both parties hereby submit to the authority and site of any such court. Please ask if you have any questions related to these terms &conditionsto our support team by submitting a request at airtrack01.com with the subject of “terms & conditions of AirTrack”.